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As we come to the end of the first year of our Website, I thought we ought to review how it has been used to date. We only envisaged the site as a landing page for interest, as none of us, as volunteers have the time or in most cases the capacity to make this a more interactive Web presence, but we continue to try.

Over the year the Site has been visited nearly 900 times, and has had 1250 page hits. I admit the first hundred was probably me viewing what I had created, but I think it might have served its immediate purpose.

We now plan to use the Blog page to announce our purchases on behalf of the patients at Townlands, so here goes for the recent past:

Comprehensive Aphasia Testing Software Speech Therapy office  
Ultra low bed for dementia patients Peppard Ward                                 
Bariatric bedside chair Physiotherapy dept   
Drinks vending machine for patient, visitors –ward based Peppard ward entrance   
Riester Naso pharyngoscope x 2 OPD   
Over bed tables x 9 - Peppard Ward 2010       
Hospital vehicle for patient use – lease contract Parked on site  
Alarm chair pads x 3 - ward Peppard ward   Phlebotomy chair and treatment chair MIU   Rotundas x 2 Peppard ward / OT dept  
Air beds x 2 Peppard ward                                
Examination couches x 2 - MIU MIU treatment room   
Extra low electric beds x 10 Peppard Ward   
Maxi move hoist Peppard Ward   
IOL master – eye equipment OPD Consulting clinic                         
Window blinds for all areas Peppard Ward   
Commodes x 4 Peppard Ward ●● 
Decorate dayroom Peppard Ward-   
Side rooms wall mounted TV Peppard Ward side rooms   
Cabinet for log mar charts OPD

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Rehabilitation on 10 March 2014 12:57
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Reply to comment on 26 September 2014 12:19
Speech thereapy is required for the patient with neurological disorder as well as for the CP or austistic children. I appreciate for your countless effort for creating this awesome website and keep yourself continued to furnish this website with new information.
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strona on 17 October 2014 00:39
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James C. Woodson on 06 January 2016 00:00
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